About MetaSecurity

This is a blog that seeks to explore ideas relating to the security implications of virtual communities. The blog will post articles and commentary relating to security events in this rapidly growing sector. Specific topics include:

  • Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Inworld criminal activity
  • Legal responses
  • Inworld extremist acvivity
  • Software Security

The theme of this blog is to apply security based thinking to a set of challenges that are only just beginning to be realized. It is hoped that by presenting the problems the solutions will start to become more visible.

Finally, as Neal Stephenson’s book Snow Crash predicted and inspired much of the virtual world environment, it is worth quoting from his text,

“…the Metaverse is wide open and undefended, like airports in the days before bombs and metal detectors, like elementary schools in the days before maniacs with assault rifles. Anyone can go in and do anything they want to. There are no cops. You can’t defend yourself, you can’t chase the bad people.”