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السياحة فى مصر قبل ثورة 25 يناير وبعدها

من وجهة نظرى السياحية ، قبل يناير من عام 2011 كان هناك ازدهار  للسياحة فى مصر، وعلى الفور مع المظاهرات وتحذيرات السفر الحكومة. هناك عدد قليل من السياح العائدين، ولكن معظم من تحذيرات السفر لا تزال في مكانها على الرغم من المظاهرات لا تؤثر على المواقع السياحية.

فوائد الضحك والنكت للانسان


البعض لا يعرف فؤائد الضحك ... وهل حقا الضحك مفيد للانسان؟ يمكنا القول ان الضحك بالفعل يطيل عمر الانسان فالانسان الذى يضحك يعيش اكثر من الانسان الكئيب الذى يبتسم.

وهناك حديث للرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم يقول

(ابتسامتك فى وجه اخيك صدقة). صدق الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم

اذن حيث الاسلام والرسول على ان يكون الانسان مبتسم ومتفائل وقبل على الحياة.

والضحك يخفف من حدة التوتر للانسان كما يجعل الانسان شخص محبوب من الجميع وتلك ميزة

Gaza, Information War and Second Life

There is little doubt that Israel is putting substantial effort into its information posture during the military action in Gaza, with dedicated efforts on Twitter and You Tube.  Therefore, although winning an information war is hard to measure (and in fact is in itself an important question) Israel does seem to be ahead in terms of getting its message out first and certainly in the USA having its message regurgitated by the 24-hr news media.

Globally Networked Anarchism (#Griot)

As 2008 draws to a close it is fair to say that the hype surrounding virtual worlds has dissipated.  However, it is worth highlighting the continued utility of virtual worlds as not only immersive environments, but also as compelling communication venues.  What continues to separate Second Life from popular gaming virtual environments such as World of Warcraft (WoW), is its ability to globally connect users.  WoW is of course a multi-user environment but as any player will know the opportunities for globally connecting are limited by the local server you attach yourself to.&n

Sony’s Virtual World Home - Hacked

A report in the Telegraph details vulnerabilities within the Virtual World - ‘Home‘ that enable a variety of hacks.

This isn’t the first time vulnerabilities of this kind have affected virtual world users.  In 2007, unpatched QuickTime holes were used to steal Linden Dollars from users in Second Life (ExampleVideo below).

Twitter comes of age reporting on Mumbai attacks

The micro-blogging service Twitter has been providing updates to the attacks in Mumbai.

Link to Twitter feed.

Some of the commentary and links are off-base but it is a fascinating view into how the ‘crowd’ can monitor and report on real-time events. For example, there is a link posted to a ‘google doc’ spreadsheet listing known casualties. Link here.

Terrorist attacks may remain disturbingly similar but the way they are reported and examined changes in step with the rapid pace of virtualization.

Aardvark’s and Avatars

There continues to be some discussion and rejection of the idea that terrorists would be able to exploit new technology platforms such as social networking and virtual worlds. In a recent post the blogger Abu Aardvark (aka Marc Lynch from GW University) goes some way in debunking ideas surrounding terrorist use of social networking, Wiki’s and virtual worlds. He further states that Al Qaeda is now behind the curve in using the area of user-generated content and interactivity.